Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Stump Art.

Summer's never been a good season for me in keeping up with my oil paintings. There's always too much that needs to get done, and the longer days are quickly filled with a list of chores that take from sunrise to sunset to accomplish. / I have however stumbled upon (literally) a new avenue for my artistic ambitions during this season: Stump Art.

A few weeks ago while regrading one of our logging trails, I bumped into this old locust stump. It was so unique - with 3 sandstones embedded - that I couldn't pass it up.

With a little applied effort and some freshly seasoned black cherry, it transformed into the corner table that you see here:

And with that, my newfound creativity outlet was formed. The latest piece is a prayer journal stand that I made from another locust stump along the same forest trail. This one features a small black cherry slab for a journal to sit on; and a handmade metal & stained glass hanging lantern (similar to the hanging tree lantern in many of my oil paintings).

Oil-Painting my trademark hanging lantern in tree. 

Here's a quick little video showing the transformation in action:

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