Monday, January 21, 2019

40' Shipping Container for Off-Grid Storage

Several factors contributed to our decision to install a shipping container on the mountain site for the homestead. Knowing we wouldn't have enough time before snowfall to construct a shed at the size needed (and to have it properly sealed), we opted for one of these 40' high cube, weatherproof/sealed units - in a sale brokered through the "ContainerOne" company.

Before we made the purchase, we researched how these containers are delivered - and knew it would be a challenge for the delivery contractor to drop it where we needed.  The truck would need 100ft of straightaway for departure after dropping the 40ft unit. Thus the preparation began...



Laying down branches in mud for traction. 

Fighting the weather of consistent, weekly mini-deluges that have damped our mountain site work dates since Spring of 2018 - and needing to have this unit on site by the first major snowfall - we were pleased with the ContainerOne team's patience in allowing us to delay the date some 3 months while we waited for opportune weather. Finally, after a few days of temps in the 20's to firm up the 6" of mud, the go ahead was given. 


The morning of delivery - hours after the first snowfall of the season.
150 yards of steep frozen slope up to the platform.

A special thanks and props to Jensy from TW-Construction for his determination, enthusiastic work ethic, and incredible skills in getting the job done! Like a pro, like a bro, on the go, whatta show! 

Kudos to Michael Blakney, Victoria, Leslie, and Clint from ContainerOne for their professional communication, optimism, and helpfulness in working with us throughout the months' long planning process all the way up to the hour of delivery. 


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