Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Human-powered Electricity with the Power Socket 2.

Off-grid power has long been a subject of interest for myself and other likeminded individuals who prefer to best prepare for worst-case-scenarios. In my researching of power alternatives for both off-grid living and off-grid traveling, I gained a fascination for the concept of human-powered generators.

Years ago, I tried a few hand crank power models that were available at the time – and found all of them to be relatively useless, cheap, and outright impractical for a real life application. I was however intrigued at the concept of a DIY bicycle powered generator, but never invested the time or $ into building one myself. // Well here it is almost a decade later, and I've finally tried and tested a human-powered generator worth writing home (or blogging) about ::

Quick Specs:

-size: 2.5'' x 2.25'' x 6.875''
-weight: 15 oz
-output: 10watts at 120volts


The Pocket Socket 2 provides an experience that can be expected when using a “human-powered” generator. You will work for your electrical gain; however, unlike other inferior models out there – you will be able to reap the fruits of your labor with K-Tor. I found that keeping a good momentum is very important in utilizing this product for the desired efficiency. You don't want to be starting and stopping a lot (but you don't want to kill yourself either). Speaking as a physically fit person, 5 continuous minutes of cranking the Pocket Socket 2 did cause me to break a slight sweat and take some deeper breathes.

VIDEO CORRECTION:   I mistakingly was calling this device a "Power Socket" instead of it's true name: POCKET SOCKET.  Please forgive my mishap as you watch the following video review! 

Items I've Tested:

-iPhone 5c
(note: this phone charges at 1% per 2.75min when plugged into a wall outlet)
(charged 1% per 3.25min at my cranking momentum plugged into Pocket Socket 2)

-RCA Cambio Netbook Tablet
-SteriPen Ultra
-USB Battery Power Bank
-Handheld Spotlight (I hold the light, the wife cranks ;)
-BaoFeng uv3-mark ii dual band transceiver
-Cobra 2-way radios
-Cobra 19DX IV CB radio

Off-Grid & Survival uses:

The main appeal of this product for me is it's usefulness in places (and times) where power might now be readily available. My wife and I travel frequently to places around the world where we can't always access electricity; and while we do carry some portable solar USB battery banks with us, even those can deplete and not be ready when needed. The Pocket Socket 2 affords one the option to turn your own calories into electricity when you need it most. Whether it's at home during a lengthy power outage or storm, or while backpacking for a week in the wilderness, or while traveling oversees, or even to keep in the emergency kit in the trunk of the car – this product is worth its weight (15 oz) in investment.

Use off-grid anywhere in the world. 

Disclosure: Work'n Man's Life received a sample PocketSocket 2 from K-Tor for this review. The opinions expressed in this blog are solely those of author and have in no way been influenced by or reflect those of K-Tor. 

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