Tuesday, March 29, 2016

How to make decorative oil candles.

In just a few easy steps, you can have yourself a decorate oil candle that will burn for hours or even days (depending on volume of oil and burning length of wick).  These types of candles can be scented by a few drops of whatever essential oil you might like to add; or they can be naturally scented with organic flowers or plants (e.g. roses, lilacs, pine cones/needles...etc).

WATCH the video below to see Leisha demonstrate. 

Items needed: 

- clean vegetable oil
- glass jar
- floating wicks (we picked up a 50-pack for about $3)
- essential oil drops for scent (optional)
- optional scented organic matter (pine cones, flower petals..etc)


1. Add optional organic or decorative material (like glass rocks).
2. Fill the jar or glass container 6/8 way with oil.
3. Adjust the floating wick so that 1/4 of it is above the floating disc (or a much or little wick as you want).
4. Place the floating wick in the oil and then light.

A safer version of this candle can be made by filling the jar most of the way with water and then adding a little oil on top. The wick will extinguish itself once the oil burns off. You should always ensure a safe margin of oil space above any organic material - to prevent it from catching fire as the wick burns.

NEVER leave an oil candle unattended or unsupervised!

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