Wednesday, October 24, 2018

New Off-Grid Homestead

Finally started breaking ground on the new homestead.

The majority of the acreage is wooded with white pines, contains a two-spring fed stream, and a few acres of mature locusts, oaks, poplars, black cherry and ash.

First clearing out this 60’x 16’ space for a solid storage shed and workshop.

Plan is to have the shed in place by snowfall; and the lumber
(for the workshop and A-frame cabin) processed and ready by Spring.

Will be documenting this process with video updates as we go. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Cherry Smoked Chicken Winter Wings

Used this month's grill box to give old man winter the send-off he so aptly deserves. Bravado's unique serrano & basil sauce and jalapeno/garlic spice provided just the right heat to thaw out our sinuses after grilling in the cold blustery wind. The cherry wood smoked wings revived the taste buds as well - sweet inner meat with an outer coat of smack-worthy "reel" bbq.

:: Thanks Bravado Spice, Vaughn Wood Products, & Reel BBQ for a savory experience.

How this 94 year old spends a snow day. :)

"Keep creating." -Granddad

Monday, February 12, 2018

Bacon wrapped chicken & mushroom beef Kababs.

~Bacon-wrapped Chicken & Beef Kababs, with tomato basil goat cheese & banana spice stuffed Potatoes. :: Prep Time: 30 minutes. / Smoke Time: ~1.25 hrs

Yep.. that hit the spot! 

:: Items included in this month's Grill Master's Box included sauces & rubs from:

Vaughn Wood Products w/ Jim Quessenberry BBQ w/ Simply Spice Rubs

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Hunter's Den Cooking: smoked deer heart.

Our hunting camp did well this season - while keeping well fed during.
On the homecooked wood stove menu was:
+sausage w/egg & aged sharp cheese on toasted sourdough bread;
+breakfast casseroles with shredded taters;
+navy beans & leftover ham w/aged sharp cheese;
+Smoked heart from a buck I harvested earlier (shot placement matters).

(The smoked heart even earned Granddad's seal of approval. In all his 93 years, he's never had heart prepared this way before.)

Spices & sauces were from this month's Grill Masters Club kit, and included Elk Creek Bar-B-Q Co. Competition grade products, American Stockyard BBQ, Original Juan Bite me sauce, and Vaughn Wood Products hickory wood chips. All the above made for some spectacular flavoring to an otherwise preoccupied palate.

Follow-up thoughts:  

All the items in this month's box were a win! Two that really stood out from others of their category were the Stockyard BBQ Southern Blues sauce and the Elk Creek AP dry spice. For my personal taste, these two top the chart. Follow the links in the text above ^ to check out their products!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Rustic Live-Edge Black Walnut: on antique school desk irons.

Reclaimed this historic pair of iron stands from an "1899 New Oxford #3 School Desk" - to be the base for a live-edge Black Walnut computer station. The lower box neatly folds in with the hinges and allows for easy relocation & placement.